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About Vigor Arch Architectural Company

Vigor Arch Architectural Co. is an affiliate of Mazyar Investment and Consultation Co., established by the cooperation of a group of expert engineers, and professional, young, and experienced human resources in the field of architecture in Tehran.

This company, upon reliance on modern experience and science of architecture, implemented special projects, and always attempted to present the best quality in the field of design and implementation of architecture and interior design.

Architecture is the art of creating your thoughts, and design and implementation of appropriate and favorable environment.

The art of architect is to comply with the budget and taste of the customer, and Vigor Arch Architectural Co. is committed to do so.

The plans and materials of projects are selected in observance of conditions of the site of projects, to reduce damages to surrounding environment.

Vigor Arch Architectural Co. as one of the most precise and orderly architectural companies of Iran, plays a vital role in the society in the realms mentioned herein above.

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